Trump Endorses Gorean Lifestyle

WASHINGTON (AP) - Donald Trump revealed to White House correspondents last Sunday that he wholeheartedly endorses the Gorean lifestyle.

Trump with wife Melania, whose enthusiasm
for the Gorean lifestyle has yet to be determined.
"I'm a huge supporter of Gor," Trump was quoted as saying. "The hugest. It's a tremendous way to live."

The Gorean lifestyle was born out of John Norman's Gor series, a collection of twenty-plus science-fiction/fantasy novels popular in the 1970s and 80s. Gor, the planet for which the series is named, is marked by extreme gender disparity, with large portions of the female populace enslaved by dominant men.

"I'm a big John Norman fan," Trump added. "He's a high-quality person."

The Gor books have been criticized for their espousals of patent misogyny and depictions of sexualized violence. They have also inspired a dedicated fandom, including a sub-group of the sadomasochist community that actually practices the Gorean lifestyle.

"It's all about grabbing what you want," Trump said. "Gor is like America at its greatest."

Trump wouldn't comment on whether or not he himself is a practitioner. One White House staffer did report, however, that Trump keeps a copy of Slavegirl of Gor on his nightstand, right beside Mein Kampf.


Image attribution: "Donald_Trump_and_wife_Melania" by Boss Tweed. Original file licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license. Original image can be found here.